This blog is for a project that I am undertaking in INF533 Digital Literature where I need to create a digital story.

The tool that I have chosen for the digital story is Flipboard. Flipboard provides me with a way to bring a collection of digital artefacts together (including videos, images, blog posts) that can be read either linearly (as a narrative) or navigated non-linearly (to areas of interest for the reader). Flipboard retains some of the topography of physical books and magazines that is important to some readers but integrates digital affordances and functionality (video, non-linear navigation etc). Flipboard allows me to make full use of the amplified formats that devices such as tablets offer to consumers, providing a ‘rich story experience’ for them.

A linear navigation through the project, taking time to follow the narrative of the underlying story (it begins with a time-lapse video to demonstrate the distance and time commitment to this type of photography, works through a number of lessons and ends with another video illustrating the mood and feelings that I am trying to capture through this type of photography) takes significantly longer than three minutes allowed for the project length however the magazine nature of the work allows for three minutes or shorter sampling. To capture the attention and interest of the intended audience requires a thorough knowledge of the subject matter with sophisticated examples (for which I believe a total of three minutes would be unable to achieve) and also competency in a number of technologies including:

  • advanced use of a digital SLR camera
  • creating time-lapse videos using GoPro and Gopro Studio
  • advanced use of Adobe Lightroom image editing software
  • use of iMovie
  • experimentation with alternative light sources for night photography
  • understanding of long-exposure photography
  • advanced use of Flipboard’s editor
  • familiarity with Web 2.0 technologies including WordPress, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest

While the linear navigation can be experienced through Flipboard it can also be experienced as a chronological narrative through the blog which hosts much of the content for the digital magazine. Blogs provide a diary metaphor (Alexander, 2011) that enhance the chronological narrative of the story.
In testing I have found that Flipboard will change the order of articles i the magazine. I have taken care to create a logical sequence and this seems to be foliowed in the Adnroid app for Flipboard and also in the iPad app however in browsers on a larger screen the sequence is not followed very well.


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